Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello all.  Just wanted you to know I really do know how to do this. This week I get three days off--I am soooo excited.  Although I will probably just do the wash etc.  I have decided the reason we have children is so we can save money on psychiatric help when we are old.  I seem to use my kids for this purpose all of the time.
Austin has had two test days in a row with a third coming tomorrow in college and he is surviving!!!  He still manages to run Anni and Meg around anytime I am not around. 
Anni says High School is better than Junior High, so that is good.  Although she loves loves Drivers' Ed---NOT.
Megumi is lovin' 5th grade and Ms. Canfield.  Misty, do you remember her?  She is wondering why she has to take piano lessons--any encouragement will be appreciated!  
Curtis is going crazyyy at work trying to get the whole warehouse on the new computer system--it has taken days and still is giving them fits. He is my lifeline!!  he is my cooking, snuggling, uplifting, encouraging, cleaning, supportive, awesome, Priesthood holding ....sweetheart!!!
I love them all!
You all know about Topher and Misty and their amazing families!  I love them too! Being a Grandma IS pretty cool--it took me a while to fully realize that. :O)
It has been fun to play sand volleyball with my kids over the past weekend or so.  I always thought it looked sort of strange, but we had a good time! ---no bikinis, though. heehee.  
We also had a cookout with the Dorius family the other night--they are awesome.  It rained on us, but we had a good time anyway.  We got to play some games--which I love.
Again it is way too late for me to be doing this......So     Good night.


Allie said...

Wow 2 in 5 days, I see they are showing you how to use the cam onyour computer too . Allie

Misty Sanchez said...

Cute pics guys! I love them!! I can't believe how pretty Anni is getting. (Everyone too, but she is defintly growing up fast)

Austin, how did you do in your Geography test?

Meg---piano is awesome, keep it up! Besides you would be surprised how few people know how to play (I think sometime in Utah we think everyone and their dog knows how to play, but that's not a normal thing in the rest of the world) One day someone will need you to play and you will regret it if you didn't learn enough to help them.

I love you all!!!

aj said...

I'm so happy to see you're posting more often, which means I need to start checking this blog more often!!

One thing you forgot to say about yourself on your "tag" post is that you're the very best sister anyone could ever hope for! You've always been my role model, you know :)

Love you!

The Andersens said...

i'm glad you got time off...it meant that Grace got some Grandma time. :)
she absolutely adores you ya know!
thanks for always being such a wonderful mother-in-law and Grandma to little Grace. You're a huge help and support for me and I appreciate it greatly.
I hope you're having a WONDERFUl time in California, relaxing and enjoying your time with your sweet hubby.
Can't wait to see you guys soon!
Love you!
Alysia, Gracey and Topher too I suppose. :)

seven simpsons said...

Hello guys! You are all looking so good!!