Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello all.  Just wanted you to know I really do know how to do this. This week I get three days off--I am soooo excited.  Although I will probably just do the wash etc.  I have decided the reason we have children is so we can save money on psychiatric help when we are old.  I seem to use my kids for this purpose all of the time.
Austin has had two test days in a row with a third coming tomorrow in college and he is surviving!!!  He still manages to run Anni and Meg around anytime I am not around. 
Anni says High School is better than Junior High, so that is good.  Although she loves loves Drivers' Ed---NOT.
Megumi is lovin' 5th grade and Ms. Canfield.  Misty, do you remember her?  She is wondering why she has to take piano lessons--any encouragement will be appreciated!  
Curtis is going crazyyy at work trying to get the whole warehouse on the new computer system--it has taken days and still is giving them fits. He is my lifeline!!  he is my cooking, snuggling, uplifting, encouraging, cleaning, supportive, awesome, Priesthood holding ....sweetheart!!!
I love them all!
You all know about Topher and Misty and their amazing families!  I love them too! Being a Grandma IS pretty cool--it took me a while to fully realize that. :O)
It has been fun to play sand volleyball with my kids over the past weekend or so.  I always thought it looked sort of strange, but we had a good time! ---no bikinis, though. heehee.  
We also had a cookout with the Dorius family the other night--they are awesome.  It rained on us, but we had a good time anyway.  We got to play some games--which I love.
Again it is way too late for me to be doing this......So     Good night.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogging 101

Anni is cutting Jose's hair---yes, Anni.  She is doing a good job.  While she is doing it, Misty is teaching me to blog.  I think I am professional now. heehee.  So now I have to commit to work on this and really learn.  Let's see......
Wow, i did it!!!  Aren't we awesome looking--in Jamaica :O)

Today I got to hold and FEED Gracey!!  She is soooooo cute!  Of course I am not a bias Grandma.  I love to hear myself called that.   :O)!!!!  
 Then we went to the Temple with Misty and Jose and did sealings while Austin and Anni and Fidencio did Baptisms.  It was awesome.  I am not sure why we always let so many days slip by between times we go to the Temple, because it feels so good being there.
Good night all!
PS  Aren't you proud of me.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

OK Ok OKOOOOOOKK! Everyone keeps saying I need to ppost something--see it made me so nervous I stuttered.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there who have touched my life ----and there are a lot of you. I guess you really like some information on this site so it will be of actual interest to come to. Well, right now Curtis is fixing me an amazing Mothers day dinner! That is pretty cool.
Ok since I have been tagged I will try to come up with some interesting things.
* We went to Anni's track meet on Friday. It was South end Anni got 4th in the 800 (1/2 mile) with a time of 2:42! She did awesome! and she jumped 4 feet 6 inches in the high jump. The best part is being her mom and cheering!
*Austin and I are hoping the Jazz win the Lakers. He is trying to teach me to shoot--whew. I can't believe he will be graduating from High School in like 20 days!
*Megumi is playing the piano for me right now. I love that.

Now on to me---Because I was tagged I guess I am supposed to right seven interesting things about me.......
...There is an extra one for good measure. Oh and of course my awesome Hubby!!! He is what keeps me going all of the time and keeps me happy an spoiled!
Those are the best things about me.

I do, however, suppose you'd like something more. Well, I love to sew. I don't seem to have much time to do it any more. It seems when I sew now it is always in the middle of the night. I love to create things--I mean not just from a pattern. Sometimes they don't turn out so well, but sometimes they do. I like to eat crispy things--like crispy cheese bread, crispy cookies, crispy cereal... I hope one day to be able to speak many languages (English, Japanese, Sign, Spanish..)..someday. I love to travel with my family! I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this periodically. I dream of going to Venice, Italy and ....well, lots of other places. I love playing games--thanks to everyone who will let me con you into playing with me form time to time. I always wanted to be a tour guide and receptionist--thanks to my 'sweet' hubby, I get to do both. I love spending time with my kids (and Grand)!! I love going to their games and meets and homes and competitions and everything! I love being with my great best friend, Curtis Charles Andersen! And thanks to him and my kids I get to do that! Is that seven things yet?
Well, I gotta run, have an appointment with the Bishop.
Thanks for all you all do for me and my family!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank you everyone for all of your love and prayers for our family!! We love you!
Just had to try this out since Topher set it up for me 2 months ago. :O)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008